Beatrice and Hipster of Nature

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Hipster of Nature
Hipsters of nature is an NGO that uses creativity to promote awareness on recycling of waste and urban gardening in Ghana. We are involved  in the following projects:

  1. Urban gardening projects in the city
  2. Working with artist to raise awareness on plastic pollution through the use of mural arts where participants are involved in creating the art
  3. collaboration with other organisation to clean polluted beaches
  4. Working with fashion designer to train young people in recycled arts. You can find more about us on facebook page:


About myself
I come from Ghana and live in the capital city, Accra. I have a bachelor degree in Environmental Science from University of Capecoast, Ghana. I work with the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) of Ghana. My work at the agency involves investigating environmental problems and complaints from the public, screening project for permits and organising programmes on environmental education.

I love to spend my spare time by involving myself with Hipsters of Nature where I have the freedom to use my creativity in designing and music to empower young people in recycling of waste and urban gardening.
I am currently in Iceland studying about land restoration at the United Nations University Land Restoration programme to deepen my knowledge and skills on how to restore degraded ecosystems. I am doing a project work on how to learn methods that can affect the emotions of students and make them active in environmental protection. I would like to create settings for students to experience the same connection to nature as I did during the work with the EPA, NGO and on the music videos.